"under the magnificence 
of a chandelier , candles burning out
against the richness of a carmine rug
in the soft spread of murky golden light
she lays and betrays her vanity.
dark silk over the dew of her skin  
melting, light is leaving its home.
warmth from each candle
before dying
wants to know what it feels like 
to touch a woman
on a thick night like this.
wet lips and bent spine
she lets warmth know
what it feels like to touch 
God's art itself.
under her lingerie ,
between her thighs, 
honey light, tender light 
touches her
and it doesn't want to leave
it lingers."

- When Warmth Touched A Woman and Knew What it Is To Be Warm by Thamanna Razak


Safiyyah said...

Wow. Just wow. Your writing has evolved into such perfection

Thamanna Razak said...

I love you safff