" the year is five years from now
the front yard full of poppies
I don't know where we're living,
somewhere we can grow poppies I assume
a large mirror placed right across the street
a pretty house with white picket fence
the back of your head, my picture of love
I wake up everyday and watch our life in the mirror
remind myself to love this picture of love
a house, a husband, and the deep of the green
and the blinding light when the sun is out
is my picture of love, or is it my mother's
or is it the picture they printed in magazines
or made movie posters out of
or forced it down my ears in love songs
the year is ten years from now
the poppies are dying 
I don't know where we're living
but there's a large mirror right across the street
all the kids in the neighbourhood know
all that trapped sunlight, all those years
the year is fifteen years from now
I don't know where we're living 
but our house is on fire, our lives glowing
in the mirror image right across the street
my picture of love, burning. "

- A Picture to Burn by Thamanna Razak


Nuzra said...

Your words are like soft jazz <3

Thamanna Razak said...

aah nuz, my words are happy they're being compared to jazz