"i take my wound of love
to new place of worship 
air thick and laden with
the quiet growing of jasmines
soaking my eyes and heart with
a storm of an indian monsoon 
devout, I tie my ghungroos
oh earth, your soaking dirt
your promise to keep my
feet grounded, every step
and every misstep
anklet bells ringing in grief
to another Jagjit Singh's
love song, his sweet melancholy
weaves itself into the buds
of jasmines, an understanding
oh garden of grief, where do
i find a vine, a branch, a soft
patch of your dirt to lay my pain
oh monsoon sky, please witness
my sobbing heart, dancing to
a melody I can't hold
oh my wound, have you not
found healing even in this poetry
earth and the sky is offering you
oh heart, is death the only relief? "

- A Poem of Pain by Thamanna Razak

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