"she is every good dream you have
cerulean skies and sunny seaside towns
you both sit at a little outdoor cafe
sparkling iced tea and a bit of gossip
you can see your reflection in
her sunglasses, you look happy
beaming , you might be 
even laughing, tummy aching 
every good dream, she is.
she walks on cobble-stoned streets 
few steps ahead of you, turns around 
and takes pictures of you, surprisingly 
you are smiling in it. 
In the afternoon light, is when you 
really stop to look at her, she is 
every good dream you have.
and like in every good dream
you cannot touch her, or look
for her, she doesn't have a shadow
and that is how she wants it
so you play along and pretend 
she is just that, a dream 
you wake up and do not remember her."

- Portrait Series; DreamGirl by Thamanna Razak

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