"our sorrow is belly-full
your pain, mouthful for
both of us sometimes.
but most times
you are purple, not even
I rub my palms together
warm my hands for your
change in colour 
not that it makes any difference
but it's the only 
warmth I know to give
physical, inevitable heat
from my body to yours
from all the blood that flows
without any reason for it to.
you are for me, a prayer 
for more warmth,
to be able to give 
you, a body, blood and heat
to turn your purple into skin
into love, a prayer 
to turn me into something 
more than a palm to
warm your bruises."

- Portrait Series; Purple Girl by Thamanna Razak


Mariam said...

I wish I had your ability to churn words like this , to express , you are so brilliant . Is there a particular way you start a poem how you find the words and form sentences? where do you find your inspiration from ?

Thamanna Razak said...

those are a lot of intense questions i probably can't answer at once. To be honest i don't find inspiration or i don't look for it , I can't force it , it has to come to me . And sometimes I'm on the least inspiring of situations like a supermarket and a word or a string of images appears in my head and it tugs my brain all day, so i sit down and write . But thank you asking these I've never really thought about these processes . Now i will:)

Anonymous said...

I dont like reading much. but after reading ur poem, i m in love with ur work n ur blog..