I'm starting a new poetry series called The Portrait Series, poems about people in my life, people I love, or have changed my life or have inspired me to write a poem. You have to know this is not forced writing, it's something that has occurred naturally. Sometimes a moment is enough, or something they've said or as simple as the way they've said "hello" over the phone. I contemplated this for a long time because I've only been able to share poetry I think would be relatable  to people who read it. My poetry has always been personal, has been a place I've been my most honest self but this is very very personal, this is about best friends, and friends and family and people I've crossed paths with, very particular things they might have said or done , so it's pretty close to my heart. 
It's going to be different than my usual poetry I think, I'm not sure. But I'm exploring new things to do with my blog and why not ?
And if you know me personally and know my friends and family it would be great if you could guess who the poem is about and leave it in the comments or text me if you know it's you. 


Nuzra said...

I'm way too excited to read them <3

Thamanna Razak said...


Safiyyah said...

I'm dying in anticipation