"In a small sunny balcony
is the wet shadow of me
on a pale green cloth.
Outline of my body
in a deep shade of moss
and on the other side 
is you , darling
you watch me
pinning another wet cloth
on to the washline
and you want me
to make you a home
even if you are a shadow
even if home is cold and damp
you say, make me a home.
I want a mother and a lover
and I want your sweet,
swollen with water hands
I want the sweet scent of
soap, and salt of your sweat
I want you, of all.
you are my 
cool wet cloth 
on a hot 
summer afternoon"

- Portrait Series; Balcony Boy by Thamanna Razak


Anonymous said...

its me....

Thamanna Razak said...

no Anon, never you.