This poem is hopeful.
A bus station in a quiet town
of rural India.
Two women, sitting on a bench
strangers to each other
but closely cuddled like
sisters from the same mother
perhaps in these moments
they are, from fear.

Men, their eyes
pairs of them
the sweat of them,
also hopeful.

The night is warm,
women are wishing
to loosen the scarf they have
so tightly wrapped
around their bulges.
A pull over they can't let go
layers of clothes, an attempt
to slow time taken
to reach their skin.

Women are wishing,
for perhaps their own men,
their lovers.
These men, for someone else's.

Hopeful the night is. So,
there is no headline the next day
no sideline, on the front page
of the news paper
there is no description
of the clothes they wore.
There is no story about
how it was past midnight.
There is no dead body
or body
with no woman in it.

This poem is hopeful.
And the poet as well
So that is all there is
to this poem,

- This Poem is Hopeful by Thamanna Razak

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